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Four Dimensional Leadership
Gary R. Casselman, PhD and
Timothy C. Daughtry, PhD
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  What's Keeping You Awake At Night?

Dear Executive,

Are you completely confident in your organization's leadership strength?

Do you worry about:

  • Developing your leadership bench to drive your organization's growth?
  • Getting everyone "on the same page" to execute your strategy?
  • Getting the "players" you've promoted to start thinking and acting like "coaches?"

You're not alone. CCG, Inc. invites you to download a FREE report entitled "Four Dimensional Leadership©". This exclusive manuscript, created by Dr. Gary R. Casselman & Dr. Timothy C. Daughtry, defines how leaders have to be doing different things at different levels of management in order for the overall organization to perform optimally on the bottom-line.

Most companies put time into training managers to do their jobs. But "trained managers" are not a competitive advantage if everyone's doing it.

Highly successful organizations are developing their leadership force. From the non-management employee moving into his first supervisory role to the succession candidate for CEO, strong leaders make a difference on the bottom-line.

Leadership development gets a lot of lip-service these days. Everyone knows a company's got to have strong leadership, but are you actively developing a strong, state-of-the-art leadership force?

At CCG, Inc., we understand that growing a winning, high-performance organization begins by developing strong leaders. In the end, an organization's only competitive edge is the quality of its leadership force and the culture that leadership force creates to support the implementation of the institution's strategic intent.

If you are worrying about how your company can survive today's tough business climate, then you need to discover how CCG, Inc. works with companies to develop their leadership force and culture to create a focused and aligned workforce that kicks the competition.

We encourage you to become more familiar with our unique workshops and services and find out how our integrated approach makes a difference in your long-term profitability.

Don't forget to download your FREE copy of “Four Dimensional Leadership©" to learn more about how you can transform the way in which you look at yourself in your career and in your company.


Gary R. Casselman, Ph.D

Timothy C. Daughtry, Ph.D